Transport Fever 2 – DB Express Train Coaches Modern, Ex IC

DB Express Train Coaches modern, ex IC ’79 for Transport Fever 2. After the livery in red/creme was outdated in 1986 and the product colors have been introduced, of course all the coaches where repainted….

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Transport Fever 2 – Ventabren Railway Viaduct

Ventabren Railway Viaduct for Transport Fever 2. The high speed railway viaduct of Ventabren in south of France. Available from 1990. * The TGV Duplex in the description image is from the mod by Angier.

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Transport Fever 2 – Plazierbare Felder

Plazierbare Felder for Transport Fever 2. Hier sind für die Schönbauer und alle anderen natürlich auch platzierbare Felder und Weiden. Es handelt sich um die Felder und Weiden die das Spiel beim generieren um die…

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Transport Fever 2 – Dutch Bus Pack (W.I.P)

Dutch Bus Pack (W.I.P) for Transport Fever 2. Multiple busses repainted to dutch bus skins. Converted from TPF 1. For those dutch bus enthusiasts who can’t wait for dutch busses. Keep in mind that this…

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Transport Fever 2 – Signal Type-1

Signal Type-1 for Transport Fever 2. Modern style Digital Signal and Waypoint Author Note: ※ From now on all my mods creation will focus on Tpf2 Future Plan: For those who has the interest toward…

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Transport Fever 2 – Rail Force One 1829

Rail Force One 1829 for Transport Fever 2. Introduces the Rail Force One livery of the Dutch Class 1800 Locomotive made by Oppie. The original mod from Oppie has to be loaded first!

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Transport Fever 2 – NS CLASS 1800

NS CLASS 1800 for Transport Fever 2. The NS Class 1600 is a type of B-B electric locomotive built by Alsthom between 1980 and 1983 based on the SNCF Class BB 7200, and in use…

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Transport Fever 2 – IFA W50

IFA W50 for Transport Fever 2. The IFA W 50 is a medium-duty truck built by the East German IFA conglomerate at their Ludwigsfelde plant from 1965 until 1990. A total of about 572,000 were…

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