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Transport Fever 2 – Zil-158 Bus Mod

Zil-158 bus mod for Transport Fever 2.

ZIL-158 is the town coach of the production of the Lihachow work and the Likainus-coach work. From 1957 till March, 1960 it was produced the ZIL: The car body amounts before accumulated in disfavour were amended. The last work number ZILA: 9515. From 1959 to 1970 there ran the serial production on LiAZ.

The fashion has three modifications:
1) ZiL-158 (in 1957-1960 in the play)
2) ZiL-158 A (in 1957-1960 in the play)
3) ZiL-158 V (in 1959-1971 in the play)

Beside the A model the others are represented in conditioned appearance and are split on proving – because the model Head (ZiL-158) – only the first small part with upper glazing went out, during the issue the bicycle discs changed, a stove grid was installed by the right side, instead of lynx etc. (above all already changes in filling). Therefore, I divide the manufacturers, we say.

The Hauptspielcharakteristiken:
The speed: 65 kilometres hour.
Capacity: 18 passengers (ZiL-158,158V); 9 passengers – ZiL-158A.
All models can become paints.
Of three lod’ a, textures in the dds format.

Credits: Oldkestas

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