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Transport Fever 2 – Zero Height Bridge

Zero Height Bridge for Transport Fever 2.

This mod helps you building bridges everywhere, both for rail and road.

Due to the limit of API open for modding, this mod gets following limitations:
– Only recgonizes vanilla track types, if the track type choosen on creating is a mod track, it will be converted as “High-Speed” tracks. You need to convert them after construction.

So, it’s a very basic mod, but I will try to contact for improve it.

1. With mod loaded, there is an “H0 Bridge” label at the bottom bar of the screen, after it the state “On” or “Off” is indicated.
2. Toggle to state to “On” to enable the function
3. Click on the “H0 Bridge” open the option window.
4. Lay rail/road directly, they will be converted to the rail/road on bridge

* This mod can be safely removed from gamesaves.

Credits: Enzojz

Download Transport Fever 2 – Zero Height Bridge - Download Link #1


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