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Transport Fever 2 – Warehouse

Warehouse mod for Transport Fever 2.

Configurable road station with warehouse level storage

OK, so it really is just a truck station with insanely high storage capacity. Depending on the platform length you choose, each of the eight platforms will have a cargo capacity of between 216 and 756 items, so you should never have an issue with stuff falling off the end of the platform.

In case you’re curious, the warehouses in the center of each group of platforms is actually where the excess cargo is being ‘stored.’ In order for the station to hold cargo, it has to be rendered somewhere, so I thought, why not in a warehouse. If you zoom in as close as you can and then scroll until your point of view is within the building, you will see any cargo not being stored on the platforms. If the warehouse buildings look familiar, they are from the vanilla steel mill.

The traffic routes within the station follow the same pattern as the vanilla stations. That is, vehicles entering the station can loop around to access platforms on their left, or to exit the station via the same roadway by which they entered. Given the size of the station, I don’t think this is going to be an issue, however, you do have the option of disabling the in-station looping, and thereby enforcing straight-through operation.

There are cosmetic options as well. You can select from a number of ground textures and fencing options, as well as displaying a random number of freight items along the edges of the station. These are included because I don’t like it when every station looks exactly the same. If you’re concerned about frame rates, you can disable the boxed freight.

The mod uses the game’s new mod configuration options to allow you to select defaults for all of the options. When you start the game, click on ‘Select Options’ to access the list of mods.. When you click on this mod, the menu of options will be displayed on the right. The selections you make here will be the defaults that will be presented when you build a station within the game. You are of course always free to select different values when you build a given station. The default values you choose are specific to the saved game, not the mod, so they can be different from one game to another.

Version 1.1:

  • Added ground textures which match the entrance road types.
  • Option to disable west station entrance. (Disabling in-station looping will force the west entrance to be active.)
  • Improved the fencing algorithm.
  • Added a couple of new fence types.
  • Increase quantity and variety of decorative assets.
  • Added freight tram support in case you really want to park one of these things on the outskirts of a town. Note that if your access streets have two lanes in each direction, then only the outside platforms (1,2,7, & 8) will be accessible to the trams.

Credits: doug

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