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Transport Fever 2 – VDL Citea Danish Movia A Bus

VDL Citea Danish Movia A Bus mod for Transport Fever 2.

If theres anything wrong with a bug please put it in the comment

This model contains the Movia VDL citea A bus livery along with a few ads on, believe it or not you cant even escape ads even in video games

Known bugs:
Theres no picture on the UI
Im trying to fix this tho im not so experienced and dont know how tho im searching for help online and an update on this bus will be released once this is fixed

The bus is stated as the BVG bus
Well ik this is happened and then not to cause confusion ive added this as a seperated so its easier to find this is only a temporairy fix and will be moved to the actual collection of the VDL citea once finished.

Credits: NordicPlayZ

Download Transport Fever 2 – VDL Citea Danish Movia A Bus -

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