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Transport Fever 2 – Union Pacific 4014 & 4019

Union Pacific 4014 & 4019 for Transport Fever 2.

With 4014 back on the rails, this behemoth needed a proper update.

The 4-8-8-4 was made by ALCO in Schenectady, NY exclusive to Union Pacific. She was designed to pull heavy loads of long lengths, at high speeds.

Whats special about this model?
  • model citizen couplers
  • new animations with the ‘wheels’ event, syncing the valve gear to the wheel rotation. the front articulation runs opposite to the rear
  • new textures. I used the original AO map from the original metal map, and added that as the normal. Modified the textures in Substance Painter for a new metal material as well. The front herald plates are custom as well
  • thanks to Mr. Cheesecake, we have proper sounds taken from 4014
  • blows the whistle at stations when departing
  • modified mesh. The front articluated truck was heavily modified, the boiler sizes corrected and the number boards corrected.
  • 4019 added as well. 4019 had smoke deflectors added and was actually used for some passenger services during the war effort as UP was running low on locomotives
  • CityOf font used for correct lettering
  • window tinting
  • grouping done, and added the vanilla big boy to the group as well to minimize search in the purchase menu

For the wheels to properly spin, you need the new testing update until the new update in June announced by UG

Download Transport Fever 2 – Union Pacific 4014 & 4019 - Download Link #1


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