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Transport Fever 2 – Underground Station

Underground Station for Transport Fever 2.

This mod gives you ability to create freely underground station with distinct and interconnected parts, and to create freely street entry at any place you like.

This mod requires the following mods to work:
* Shader Enhancement download
* Underpass download

To build a station, you need follow three steps
1. Build at least one underground level
2. Build an entry nearby
3. Follow the instruction on the screen to finish the construction

This mod is a total reworked mod of Transport Fever Ultimate Underground Station, with generally the same resource the main new features are:
– It’s modular, though not in vanilla mode, you can place different tracks and different platforms as modules, as well as stairs. I didn’t choose the vanilla way since in real life, underground station are always regular.
– An interactive interface to guide you finish the composition of the station
– More possible values for radius and track numbers etc. thanks to the new parameter menu
– Use of new station sign text system from the game instead of Livetext mod.

This mod is still in evolution, maybe with some bugs, I will do some updates and bugfixes after the release.

Version 1.2:
– Fixed some flickering wall issue
– Fixed tunnel entry issue on unfinished platform

Version 1.1:
– Fixed conflict with NL Station mod
– Fixed crashes under non-debug mode
– Corrected wrong door open side
– Added “Platform width” option for the construction menu
– Added station name sign on entry
– Added platform number sign
– Improved terminal number stability over station modification
– Possible to modify station parameter after finish building for case of only one platform level
– Implementation of track upgrade function

Credits: Enzojz

Download Transport Fever 2 – Underground Station - Download Link #1


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