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Transport Fever 2 – UK Road Crossings

UK Road Crossings for Transport Fever 2.

Continuing my theme of achieving a more UK feel to the game this mod is for UK road crossings.

Currently it has
a zebra crossing.
a traffic island.

In the screen clip its sitting on a road from sparky’s UK better road mod.

The options are
Beacon – places the post and yellow ball.
Zebra – places the black and white stripes
Island – places a traffic island
Light – traffic Light – pedestrian crossing
Crossing – traffic light crossing

Road – Small – Medium – Large – changes the length of the crossing to match the width of the road.

Warning: – If you need to delete a traffic light it can take a it of persistence to get hold of it and if you put it right next to a street light it can be impossible as the ui will keep grabbing the road. – Thinking about alternatives to fix this.

Note: The crossing is an asset not ‘painted’ on road markings so use the usual keys to orientate it.
I found the best way to place it is to hold shift and push it into the ground until it disappears and then bring it back up two notches. You will have ‘fun’ if you try and place it on a sloping road – best if the road is flat.

I did try painting it on the road but then the game auto updates some roads and you get ‘loads’ of crossings – not quite what I intended

Also if you want the little people to use it watch where they cross the road and put it there.
They will cross to get to a station (bus or train) otherwise they always cross at the end of the street.

Credits: Mad Hatter

Download Transport Fever 2 – UK Road Crossings - Download Link #1


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