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Transport Fever 2 – Train Sound Mod

Train Sound mod for Transport Fever 2.

Changes the sounds of (only) vanilla waggons and locomotives (except for steam engines) to more realistic ones, this includes mods which use the vanilla sound sets. Experimental.

Place it on top of the mod chain, as long as there is nothing more important to load (e.g. a graphics mod etc.)

IMPORTANT: Since getting bugreports from beta-users, the tgv sound is now currently removed until I get it fixed.

Safe to remove? Yes
Safe to add to current save game? Yes

Update 1.33
Fixed for the new Patch (thx to Gordon Dry)

Update 1.3
Improved brake sounds
Improved squeal sounds
some fixes

Update 1.2
Updated sounds of old waggons

Update 1.1
Fixed No Cost Bug

Known Bugs:
If some waggons/locomotives dont have any sound at all when its the first time you’re loading your savegame just reload it. Its a bug from the game when loading too many different sounds.

The mod affects:

Electric (Old and New)
Person and Freight Cars (Box, Tank and others)
High Speed Trains

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome.

Credits: Jay_Emanuel

Download Link #1


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