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Transport Fever 2 – Trading Post

Trading Post for Transport Fever 2.

Urban games trusty and go to building for the campaign. Now at your disposal! Used for Cargo generation, warehouse, selling, or trade.

Trade-one cargo for another with the ‘trade’ mode
Sell cargo- (demand only) by setting it to the ‘input’ mode
generate cargo like a mine or farm by using the setting ‘output’
Warehouse cargo to keep a factory producing.

Warning! excessive cargo on the map will lead to lower FPS!

This mod is intended to used when sandbox made is active. Other wise until a mod that changes this comes out, you will only able to change the parameters just before you place the building.

**If not in sandbox mode, go to the in game menu & check debug mode, then Bulldozer + SHIFT to remove a freestyle industry***

How to use warehouse mode, (sandbox mode only, sorry) set the building to ‘warehouse’ mode. Then select the cargo you wish to warehouse. now deliver said cargo to the Trading Post. The building will begin storing, lets say for example steel. When you decide to use the stored steel pause the game and set the Trading post to ‘Trade’ mode. Set the output cargo to steel also. The Trading post will now turn one stored steel into another steel that can be delivered anywhere.

Credits: CashonWheels

Download Transport Fever 2 – Trading Post - Download Link #1


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