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Transport Fever 2 – TRA E200 Locomotive

TRA E200 Locomotive for Transport Fever 2.

E200 is the second generation electric locomotive of the Taiwan Railways Administration. This train manufactured by General Electric Company and starting service since 1978. From then on it quickly became the main force of the railway transportation in Taiwan.This mod included Taiwan Japan Friendship Livery and Nankai Rapi:t Livery

※ Top Speed: 110km/h
※ Year Since: 1978(Original Livery) 2019 ( Taiwan Japan Friendship Livery and Nankai Rapi:t Livery)
※ There are 3 Livery of this locomotive
※ High polygon count be aware of the computer performance

Author note:

※ From now on all my mods creation will focus on Tpf2
※ Still trying to figure out the coding part for the trains. Stay tuned!

Future Plan:

For those who has the interest toward my future production, Currently I have two goal. First, I intended to make a High-speed train of the world series. Since most of the High-speed train in the workshop are from Germany, France and China. So I decided to start making High-speed train from other countries such as say Japan and Italy, Second, I also going to make a series of trains of my country, Taiwan.

Credits: angier023

Download Transport Fever 2 – TRA E200 Locomotive - Download Link #1


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