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Transport Fever 2 – TGV Duplex

TGV Duplex for Transport Fever 2.

The TGV Duplex is the fastest doubledecker Speedtrain in the World with Speeds up to 320 km/h it can transport alot of people over large distances very fast.


-pbr textures
-custom LOD’s
-can be colored
-custom soundset
-custom camera positions
-dds textures

Info about the Train:
available: 1990
Passangers: 223
top-speed: 320 km/h
Power 8800 kw
pull power 740kn
price: 59.6 mio
maintanance cost: 9.93 mio
length 205 m

Special Thanks to EAT1963 for providing the Converter Tool.


Download Transport Fever 2 – TGV Duplex - Download Link #1


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