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Transport Fever 2 – Station Expansion

Station Expansion mod for Transport Fever 2.

Version 1.4: Now with some more assets!

Looking for more variety in your station arrangements? Your passengers have to jump over the giant gap between train and platform way too often? This might help: More platform modules for passenger stations with smaller gap and variants for commonly used platform heights.

The platforms are available in heights of 38cm, 55cm, 76cm and 96cm (above track) in the designs of all eras. As the platforms have fewer assets than the vanilla versions, it is possible to add a waiting area for passengers with benches, clocks,… also for each era. If you add an vanilla underpass it will automatically adapt to the correct platform type as well as the platform roofs.

New in version 1.1 are asset variants of the platforms and improvements of decoration placement when used together with Oppies station concourses.
New in version 1.3 are more construction options in the asset menu.
New in version 1.4 are 5m-platforms as asset without markings.

I also plan to add more design variants with future updates. Currently everything is based on vanilla models.

Note that the track distance follows german standards for minimum clearence, so the higher platforms might be to close for american and asian rail vehicles, but the 380mm-Version should fit in most cases.

Credits: lennardo_97

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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