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Transport Fever 2 – SNCF TGV Pos

SNCF TGV Pos for Transport Fever 2.

The TGV POS (POS for Paris – Ostfrankreich – Süddeutschland, in French: Paris – East of France – South Germany) is a three-current TGV designed and produced by Alstom for the French National Railway Company (SNCF) over the years 2000, on the occasion of the opening of the East European LGV, in order to provide services beyond Strasbourg to Germany and Switzerland where the power supply is 15 kV – 16.7 Hz.


  • TGV 4402: Duplex Cap livery
  • TGV 4402: Duplex Carmillon livery
  • TGV POS: Lacroix Simple livery
  • TGV 4406: Lacroix SBB CFF FFS livery
  • TGV Lyria: Lyria Simple livery
  • TGV Lyria 4402: Lyria livery after the Record.
  • TGV Lyria 4407: Athletics edition livery
  • TGV Lyria 4405: Disney livery
  • TGV Lyria 4406: Lyria SBB CFF FFS livery
  • TGV InOui: Inoui Simple livery
  • TGV InOui 4402: Inoui livery after the record

Particularities of the Mod:

  • 11 Variants
  • Assets available
  • Trailer and power unit available as a wagon for transport

Credits: Aleks Shelby, angier023, Legoman7

Download Transport Fever 2 – SNCF TGV Pos -

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