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Transport Fever 2 – SNCF BB67200

SNCF BB67200 mod for Transport Fever 2.

BB 67200 are a series of diesel-electric locomotive, built in 232 units between 1969 and 1975 for the SNCF. Still widely in use all over unelectrified network, they were the first series to massively replace steam locomotive. They are able to climb heavy slope in multiple units, or ensure commercial services up to 140 km/h.
The 67200 series is the first evolution, adding heating equipment and improving the performances. Cabs were reinforced, losing their panoramic windows. Nowaday, all these engines are used in the Infra activity.

3 liveries pack and 1MU

This pack include 3 of the most used liveries on these engines :

– Orignal diesel blue (from 1980)
– Diesel blue infra (from 1989)
– Infra (from 1989)

A special engine with Scharfenberg coupling has been added, meant to rescue wrecked TGV on high-speed lines.

Diesel engine

Power : 1250 kW
Tractive effort : 220 kn
Max speed : 90 km/h


Forward / backward orientation
Animated fan
Hi-res dds textures
Custom sounds
3 LODs

Credits: Fimilfinfaon, Alkolique

Download Transport Fever 2 – SNCF BB67200 -

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