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Transport Fever 2 – SNCF A1AA1A68000

SNCF A1AA1A68000 mod for Transport Fever 2.

A1AA1A68000 & A1AA1A68500 are a series of diesel-electric locomotive, built in 109 units between 1963 and 1968 for the SNCF. Sharing a lot of component with the 67000 series, especially the cabs that were strictly similar, they were a bit more powerfull and their 3 axles per bogie help more on heavy train or hard slopes. They are able to climb heavy slope in multiple units, or ensure commercial services up to 140 km/h. They come in two version, 68000 and 68500, the two having differents engines, with so minor differences that I don’t feel usefull to separe them.

4 liveries pack

This pack include 4 of the most used liveries on these engines :

– Orignal diesel blue (from 1963 to 1991)
– Diesel blue with short stripes and new logo (from 1992)
– Fret (from 1999)
– Infra (from 2009)

Diesel engine

Power : 1800 kW
Tractive effort : 280 kn (300 kn for the fret livery)
Max speed : 140 km/h (90 km/h for the fret livery)


Forward / backward orientation
Animated fan
Hi-res dds textures
Custom sounds
3 LODs

Credits: Alkolique, Fimilfinfaon

Download Transport Fever 2 – SNCF A1AA1A68000 -

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