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Transport Fever 2 – Sloped Train Station

Sloped Train Station for Transport Fever 2.

With this mod you will be able to build train station with slope.
Slope can be set in construction menu when building a new train station.

There is also option for how to build station buildings:

  • Slope – buildings will have same slope as platform and track (simple, but not much realistic)
  • Terrace – each buildings will be on flat surface and at own elevation according to the elevation of adjacent platform (more realistic, but not yet graphically polished – missing buildings faces etc.)
Fully compatible
  • Enhanced train station cargo capacity
  • NL Modular station
  • Stations forever
  • Extended Station Configuration Options
  • Train station modul / transparent turquoise glass
  • and another mods with modified modules/trainstationutils.lua, if there won’t be changes in track definitions

Slope settings can’t be changed once train station is built. Only way to change it is to bulldoze old station and build new with different settings

Safe to add to the existing game
Safe to remove, but when you try to modify sloped station, slope will be reset to zero, which can lead to conflicts with other buildings/tracks.

Credits: xmnovotny

Download Transport Fever 2 – Sloped Train Station - Download Link #1


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