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Transport Fever 2 – Skoda 131 E-479.1 (Dvojce)

Skoda 131 E-479.1 (Dvojce) mod for Transport Fever 2.

The 131 series locomotive is a two-part DC locomotive designed for heavy freight transport on steeply demanding lines between the Silesian-Moravian-Slovak border and eastern Slovakia. It was manufactured by the Pilsen company Škoda (type Škoda 58E) in the years 1980–1982 in the number of 50 pairs.

Manufacturer Škoda Plzeň
Year of production 1980–1982
Number of produced pieces 2 x 50
Operation period 1980 – present
Continuous power 4,480 (2 x 2,240) kW
Maximum tensile force 460 (2 x 230) kN
Maximum speed 100 km / h
Weight in service 169 (2 x 84.5) t

Credits: k3wl4r

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