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Transport Fever 2 – Shoreliner II & III Railcar (MNCR)

Shoreliner II & III Railcar (MNCR) mod for Transport Fever 2.

Shoreliner II
– Top Speed: 90 mph
– Seats: 23
– Availability: 1982

Shoreliner III:
– Top Speed: 124 mph
– Seats: 23
– Availability: 1991

Note: Cab cars will only lead the train if the locomotive is reversible.

Known issues: Headlight meshes bleed when viewed from a distance. I’m working on a fix.

The GSI G70 bogies were provided by Maik (models) and Skyjoe (textures). They’re gratefully used here with permission. Couplers courtesy of modelcitizen.

Credits: sirhansirhansolo

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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