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Transport Fever 2 – Septa Push-Pull Trainset

Septa Push-Pull Trainset mod for Transport Fever 2.

SEPTA’s push-pull trains started in 1987 and consisted of EMD AEM-7s and Bombardier coaches, similar to New Jersey Transit’s Comet II cars. The cars are still in service, while the toasters were retired in 2018 and replaced by the ACS-64.
This mod includes an AEM-7, coach, and a cabcar.

The AEM-7 is a repaint and overhaul of the default model for better detail and accuracy. Appropriate pantographs are raised when operating in push-pull. It’s grouped with the Amtrak NEC stuff AEM-7s.
The cars have two variants: one with destination signs denoting an express train, and the other for local trains.

Custom sounds
-The AEM-7 now uses accurate audio samples, complete with ticking.
modelcitizen’s couplers
Line text labels
Door indicator lights
Track assets

Credits: MrCheesecake

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