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Transport Fever 2 – Roughly made elevated station

roughly made elevated station for Transport Fever 2.

0. adjustable station available, with multiple platforms (new!);
1. use bridges instead of high fill subgrade;
2. adjustable station height (10, 15 and 20);
3. entrances on both ends;
4. roads attached to stairs are removed and now station can link to existing streets (new!);
5. side platform station added (new!);
6. other changes on decorative details;

Introduction to Adjustable Station
This is a rough “copy” of elevated station in TPF1, with adjustable station height (15, 20, 25, 30) and length (80, 160, 240, 320).
No platform decoration, such as platform number plate, clock or underpass entrance.
Only 2 entrances on each side of the station, may change in the future.
The station is still full of magic, passengers will go through walls and grow up from floor.
However, bad is better than nothing. Thanks for your understanding.

If you need to set up a passing line, drag and build along the platform line (island platform station only; side platform station has very strange collision zones).
Existing stations have to be reconfigured (e.g: change the height of the station and then change back) to remove streets attached to it.
Available from 1990.
CAUTION: you may experience unexpected bugs, though I’ve roughly tested it.

v2.2 minor updates with type B
+adjustable multiple platform station type B added, corresponding to side platform
v2.1 new adjustable station
+adjustable station with multiple platfoms added
+icons updated for 3 constructions
v1.3 new platform formation and street connection
+side platform station added
+stairs changed to linkable to existing street (both supported)
-streets attached to stairs removed
v1.1 initial version
+island platform station added

Credits: Axel

Download Transport Fever 2 – Roughly made elevated station - Download Link #1


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