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Transport Fever 2 – Rocky Climate

Rocky Climate for Transport Fever 2.

Adds new Climate option “Rocky” for a mountainous landscape.

This mod only changes the paint layers and does not affect the terrain generation.

You can safely change the Climate option for saved games through Advanced Settings during Load Game.

Screenshots show imported heightmap from real world data [1], generated landscape in map editor [2], generated landscape for new game [3], and imported heightmap from real world data [4].

  • Utilizes Temperate paint layers in a new way.
  • Added snow to mountain tops, while maintaining rocky slopes.
  • Added a layer of scree at high altitudes, blended with dark grass.
  • Changed base grass layer to dark grass, mixed with regular grass.
  • Changed river and beach layers to scree.
  • Modified rock normal and specular to be from the usa mesa texture.Possible bug:
  • All foliage types appear with this mod enabled. Does anyone have the same issue?

Credits: Spearin

Download Transport Fever 2 – Rocky Climate - Download Link #1


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