BuildingTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – ReS+No.2 Station Building & Overhead Hall

ReS+No.2 Station Building & Overhead Hall mod for Transport Fever 2.

Railway Station Plus Remake Edition No.+2
New railway Railway station buildings and overhead waiting hall. Still developing. The way to use this waiting hall (as a roof) is the same as the required mod. It’s just this mod’s code inspired me a lot so actually it’s not a real “required mod”, u can use this mod without enabling that.
-Suggest using with all Re:CRS+ mods.

What’s in?
New roof: Overhead Waiting Hall;
New platform: Flowerbed;
New Asset: Pillar for the canopy and stairs for the waiting hall.

Known issues?
Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames. This can make it safer though I’ve already tested them and nothing ever happened.

[Version 1.11] 7/6/2020
update-Remove the start and end year restrictions of the components.

Required Mod:

Credits: QQxiaoshui-2

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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