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Transport Fever 2 – Renfe 451

Renfe 451 mod for Transport Fever 2.

Renfe’s 450 and 451 series is a set of double-decker cars acquired in March 1988 from GEC-Alsthom with the aim of using them on long lines, with a minimum distance between stops of 4 kilometers and strong demand at the end of the line, which required a high seating capacity.

The UT450 unit has been created from scratch, modeleded with Blender3D and for graphics retouching used GIMP. It has taken about a month of work during nights and weekends, trying to reflect the details of the real model while maintaining a compromise between game performance (too much detail can slow it down) and considering that Transport Fever is a game of strategy and construction and one spends most of the time away from the models in a “bird’s eye view”.Liveries

This pack includes the following liveries:

Cercanías: from 1994
Pantone: from 2007
Regionals: from 2011Variants

For each livery, only one variants is available:

M+R+C: Original composition of the UT451 consisting of one engine, one wagon and a tail wagon with cabin.In-game features:

The characteristics of these units in the game are the following:UT450 M+R+C

Maximum speed
140 km / h

Engine type

1,480 kW

160 kN


177 t

81 m

The capacity of the units is adjusted to the difficulty parameters and mods that exist in the game. They do not have to coincide with the real ones.

Repaints and Modifications:
You can share this model ‘as is’ with no modification as long as you mention me as a creator.
The creation of repaints of the model must be consulted with me and authorized.
Modification of the model must be previously authorized.

Credits: Kaminari

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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