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Transport Fever 2 – Renault 4L F4

Renault 4L F4 for Transport Fever 2.

Fourgonnette 4L F4
Capacity : 4 (food, tools, goods)
Loadingspeed : adjusted with compartments number
2 variants : ‘mono’ or ‘multi’
Speed : 80km/h
Availability : from 1961 to no end date
Vanilla calculated prices and emissions
(credit for model to Urban Games / no dirt-rust with aging)

Renault Fourgonnette 4L : Panel van ‘Fourgonnette’ version of the R4, which with its ‘high cube’ bodyshell and the unique ‘giraffon’ -giraffe hatch- at the rear became the idiosyncratic French ‘Boulangerie’ van. For many years, this was surely the most successful vehicle of its type and for many people it represents their idea of a Renault 4 more than the passenger version.

“Mono” variant : 1 compartment (4 capacity, 1 loading speed), useful for quick and small deliveries
“Multi” variant : 4 compartments (1 capacity each, 0,5 loading speed), usefull for deliveries and pick-up inside cities (unloading commercial goods and sorted mail, while loading unsorted mail…), but slower due to additional manutention

Credits: Klorid

Download Transport Fever 2 – Renault 4L F4 - Download Link #1


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