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Transport Fever 2 – Regional Airport

Regional Airport for Transport Fever 2.

Both are built from scratch with considerable amount of details, with tons of new features and are based on the vanilla airfield, but have enough space for 8 modules to be placed along the taxiway! These are modern, medium size airports created to add even more variety to the game. Also as with my previous airports and airfields – you can inter-mix match terminals to make each airport a bit different!


  • NEW : collision-free airports perfectly optimized for maximum efficiency and practically NO go-arounds!
  • NEW : more space between runway and taxiway to enable larger wingspan planes,
  • NEW : more parking space for planes in front of terminals / gates – no aircraft tail is hanging over the taxiway! (… max size: Boeing 757, TU-204, Boeing 707)
  • NEW : added runway start and end lights, decorative runway lights, terminal spotlights … many other lights placed all-over …
  • NEW : 7 original modules designed with great care in a made-up architectural style (… entrance billboards with airline logos and few little custom messages I left here and there on the terminal – see if you can spot them all!)
  • 1. Main building with ATC tower, street access and helipad!
  • 2. Gates A and B (normal terminal gates with waiting area inside the building, ground gate markings),
  • 3. Gate C (small terminal gate on ramp where passengers are waiting in the open, for low-cost airlines or big planes that won’t fit the normal gate – tested with Boeing 767 and Airbus A330),
  • 4. Gates A1 and B1 (gates with JETWAY and waiting area inside the building, ground gate markings),
  • ALL GATES have STREET ACCESS and finally DOUBLE CAPACITY! (… no more terminal overload and passengers leaving the airport!) –
  • 5. NEW CARGO terminal module(… also with double capacity and ground gate markings),
  • 6. BONUS! Air Traffic Control tower as freely placeable object found in assets menu (small ATC icon!),
  • NEW: second runway at 90 degrees angle for take off only!
  • NEW: fuel pumps on the ground of aircraft stands (gates) – passenger and CARGO for easy refueling,
  • NEW: asphalt runway(s) and concrete taxiway with taxiway center light,
  • perimeter fence removed for easy decoration of the surroundings,
  • better precision approach path indicator – PAPI lights placement,
  • airport blends seamlessly with the environment (no more grass under the runway in desert climate),
  • … many objects placed all over the gates and airport (pylons, vents, tugs, lights, baggage carts, aircraft stairs …),
  • correct “floating” buildings while constructing airport modules,
  • dedicated icons in asset, airport and configuration menu!
  • available from 1960.

Credits: Remi Gio

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