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Transport Fever 2 – Population Factor

Population Factor for Transport Fever 2.

This Mod changes the number of people in the game by multiplying the capacity of new town buildings with a factor.

  • If you start a new game with the mod or if you create a city with the generator, all buildings get the modified values directly
  • When adding to an existing savegame, the effect shows up after a certain time:
    While the AI is automatically renewing the town buildings, the capacities of new buildings will be adjusted accordingly and the total values are adapting over time
  • You can deactivate the mod at any time. The modified capacities of existing buildings will be maintained and new buildings will have the normal values again
  • After updating all buildings, the total values (population, commercial and industrial) should be higher/lower by the factor than the target value to which the town wants to grow
  • The number and appearance of buildings is not affected, only the capacity
  • The towns have therefore the same size and the same cityscape (amount of skyscrapers)
The Factor (default: 2)
  • You can change it in the Mod Settings, either using the CommonAPI or alternatively in the file settings.lua, each before loading
  • For more population, set the value > 1 (decimal numbers are also possible)
  • If you want to improve performance, set the factor to a value between 0 and 1 (e.g. 0.5 for halving the population)
  • With a value of 0, each building gets the minimum capacity 1

With the Mod Settings, you can also change the Town Develop Interval, which determines how often the AI builds buildings and streets. During testing, however, I couldn’t really find out whether this has any influence at all.

Credits: VacuumTube

Download Transport Fever 2 – Population Factor - Download Link #1


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