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Transport Fever 2 – PD Class 40 Diesel (Using KKs Class 37)

PD Class 40 Diesel (using KK’s Class 37) for Transport Fever 2.

Class 40 Diesel in Blue, using killakanz’s Class 37 model, skin by Pdguru.

NOTE: It is added as a new option in KK’s Class 37 set (required for this mod to work), and is available in 1958. It also has authentic Class 40 sounds (instead of the 37) which include the distinctive background whistle during accel/decel that gave the locos their nickname, “Whistlers”

KK’s 37 model is wonderfully detailed, so there are clearly aspects of his 37 that cannot be disguised, but some cosmetic items have been made, including having the sounds of course and the loco has been created to be weathered on day 1.

Power: 1,490 kW
Tractive Effort: 231
Weight: 135 Tons

Two hundred Class 40’s were built by English Electric between 1958 and 1962, initially numbered D200 – D399 and were briefly the pride of the BR fleet. After initial success, they were considered under powered for their weight and replaced by more powerful locomotives. The final locomotives ended regular service in 1985.

Required Mod:

Credits: Pdguru

Download Transport Fever 2 – PD Class 40 Diesel (Using KKs Class 37) - Download Link #1


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