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Transport Fever 2 – Paz 672

Paz 672 bus mod for Transport Fever 2.

A Soviet small-class bus manufactured by the Pavlovsky Bus Plant in 1967 – 1989.

The park included the main modifications:

PAZ-672 (basic)
Paz-672М (Paz-672М (1982-1989) – modernized.))
Paz-3201 (Paz-3201 (1972-1982) – All-wheel drive bus. It did not have a rear door, due to which the number of seats was brought to 26 (a batch of buses with two doors was released for the Olympics-80). Intended for operation in off-road conditions.)
Of the characteristics of gaming:

Total passenger capacity: 12-13 people
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Years of production – 1967-89.
The price is formed by the game.

Credits: Oldkestas

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