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Transport Fever 2 – ÖBB 1012, 1014, 1163

ÖBB 1012, 1014, 1163 for Transport Fever 2.

Wolfgang Valousek was the designer of the Austrian Federal Railways in the 80s and 90s of the last century and has shaped the design of ÖBB to this day with his repainting and designs. The design of the new series 1012, 1014, 1822 and 1163 came from his designs.

ÖBB 1012: 160 km / h, 6400kw, 300kn, from 1997

The ÖBB 1012 was designed and built as the successor to the tried and tested 1044 series from SGP / Siemens in the form of 3 pre-series locomotives without a fixed order confirmation by the ÖBB. Reluctantly, the ÖBB took over the 3 locomotives at a high unit price and used the unpopular one-offs mainly in Rola traffic in Tyrol. After delivery of the ÖBB 1116, the individual pieces were sold to Hectorrail in Sweden in 2006.

ÖBB 1014: 175 km / h, 3400kw, 210kn, from 1993

For a planned joint world exhibition in Vienna and Budapest, 18 units of this light dual-frequency locomotive were ordered in order to be able to handle the traffic between the two cities. The world exhibition did not take place, the locomotives were too weak for the express train traffic, so they were used in regional traffic, with the City Airport Train (CAT) and also in heavy goods traffic, where they were destroyed. After the leasing contracts expired, the locomotives were decommissioned and sold to Romania, and in 2018 some locomotives were bought, processed and reused by Zeller Transport Technik (ZTT).

ÖBB 1163: 120 km / h, 1600kw, 280kn, from 1993

The ÖBB 1163 is an electric locomotive for shunting and light route service. This locomotive is still in reliable use today.

Credits: markus1014

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