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Transport Fever 2 – NS Stadler Flirt 3

NS Stadler Flirt 3 mod for Transport Fever 2.

The NS Flirt is an electrically powered type of train set of the Dutch Railways. The trainsets were built by the Swiss train builder Stadler Rail and based on the company’s Flirt 3 platform. The trains are primarily intended to compensate for the material shortage and the growth in the number of passengers on the main rail network. The Flirt (acronym for Flinker Leichter Innovativer Regionaltriebzug) is characterized by light and space in the interior. This is achieved, among other things, by the use of jacobs bogies combined with wide open barge transitions and a low floor. The low floor in combination with an extendable footboard makes the train easier to access for people with a physical disability. The low weight of the train set in combination with a high starting torque makes it ideal for train services with many stops and short stop times. The trains are therefore deployed at NS as Sprinter.

* Reversible
* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Working destination display
* Working lights for night mod

cost: €41.01 – €42.20 M
top speed: 140 km/h
power: 3000 kW
tractive effort: 200 kN
capacity: 42 – 56
loading speed: 12x
weight: 96-128 t
length: 59-75 m
running cost: €6.84 – €7.03 M/year
lifespan: 50 years
available from: 2016
available until: —

Credits: LexyGone

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