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Transport Fever 2 – NS SLT

NS SLT for Transport Fever 2.

The “Sprinter LightTrain” (abbreviated to SLT) is one of the “Sprinter” type multiple units in use by the Dutch Railways. These trains are mainly meant for commuter lines with many stops within short distances. When it originally went into service, the SLT was the target of many complaints for not containing a toilet.

Icluded Vehicles:
SLT70 (4) – 2007
SLT100 (6) – 2007

* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Recolorable
* Reverse driving
* Destination display
* Variants Menu

Update 1.1:
– fix for long station names clipping outside of the destination display

Credits: oppiescc

Download Transport Fever 2 – NS SLT - Download Link #1


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