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Transport Fever 2 – NS Motorpost

NS Motorpost for Transport Fever 2.

Back in the olden days when mail still was a physical thing that had to be delivered to homes, the Dutch Railways (in collaboration with the national mail service PTT) used specialized trains like Motorpost to transport letters and packages from city to city.

Because the vanilla game has no mail cargo, I had to make it transport the default boxcar cargo types instead; I like to imagine the industries are sending their goods to the cities via the mail.

15 Goods/machines/tools/food/plastic

Icluded vehicles:
– Brown – 1965-1980
– Yellow/Red – 19575-1989
– Yellow/Red (big logo) – 1989-1997

* Interior
* Visible cargo
* Animated doors
* Recolorable
* Reverse driving
* Variants Menu

Credits: oppiescc

Download Transport Fever 2 – NS Motorpost - Download Link #1


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