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Transport Fever 2 – NS Mat 53 Blauwe Engel

NS Mat ’53 “Blauwe Engel” for Transport Fever 2.

An older set of vehicles this time – a piece of Dutch Railway history. Nicknamed “Blauwe Engel” (“Blue Angel” in English) for their original blue livery, these Diesel-Electric trains were used on pretty much every non-electified line in The Netherlands. They’re also known as DE-1 and DE-2.

Icluded vehicles:
Mat ’53 “Blauwe Engel” (blue) 1953-1962 (1 and 2-piece multiple-units)
Mat ’53 (red) 1959-1978 (1 and 2-piece multiple-units)
Mat ’53 “Plan X” (yellow) 1953-1962 (2-piece multiple-unit)

* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Recolorable
* Reverse driving
* Working destination display (on the 2-part blue unit)
* Variants menu

Credits: oppiescc

Download Transport Fever 2 – NS Mat 53 Blauwe Engel - Download Link #1


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