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Transport Fever 2 – NS Mat 24 (Blokkendoos)

NS Mat 24 (Blokkendoos) mod for Transport Fever 2.

Materieel ’24 was a series of electric railroad equipment from the Dutch Railways. After the arrival of the electric streamlining equipment since 1935, the name of this material became Blokkendozen (Blocks Boxes), because of the angular model.

The mod includes 2 color schemes, and in a 4 part train and a 6 part train


* Animated doors
* Interior
* Reversible
* Working lights for night mod

cost: €7.88/€10.01 M
top speed: 100 km/h
weight: 182/242 t
length: 82/124 m
power: 1232 kW
tractive effort: 240 kN
running cost: €1.31 M/year
Loading speed: 8x/12x
Capacity 56/92
lifespan: 40 years
available from: 1924
available until: 1959

Credits: LexyGone

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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