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Transport Fever 2 – NS ICM Koploper

NS ICM “Koploper” for Transport Fever 2.

This mod reintroduces the ICM (commonly known as “Koploper”) multiple unit, a train of the Dutch Railways which IRL had a unique feature that allowed passengers to walk between multiple units that are coupled together (which is the reason for the raised driver’s cabin). It is seen often on main InterCity commuter lines. As a major improvement from its TF1 version, the headlights have been reworked to no longer be a flat texture – they now both look and function as expected. In my opinion this makes the model as a whole a lot better-looking.

Icluded Vehicles:

ICM (3-part)
– Capacity : 49
– Max Speed: 160 km/h
– Available from: 1977

ICM (4-part)
– Capacity : 67
– Max Speed: 160 km/h
– Available from: 1990

* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Recolorable
* Reverse driving – instead of turning around, the trains will drive backwards; with the headlights changing and crew switching to the correct driver’s cabin.

Credits: oppiescc

Download Transport Fever 2 – NS ICM Koploper - Download Link #1


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