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Transport Fever 2 – NL Streekbus MB200

NL Streekbus MB200 bus mod for Transport Fever 2.

In 1967 a standard “Streekbus” (regional bus) was developed by Den Oudsten based on the MB200 chassis by DAF. Because they looked mostly the same and were used all over the country, these buses became icons of the Dutch public transport system.

This pack includes 4 different versions;

Den Oudsten-DAF MB200:

Classic Yellow/White livery
Full color livery

Den Oudsten-Leyland MB200:

Classic Yellow/White livery
Full color livery

Availaibility: from 1967 to 1988
Passenger capacity: 18
Max speed: 80 km/h
Weight: 10 tonnes

Visible passengers
Animated doors
Destination display
Variants Menu

Credits: oppiescc

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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