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Transport Fever 2 – NL Modular Station

NL Modular Station for Transport Fever 2.


Adaptive Platforms; these platforms know whether there’s a track next to them or not and will update their graphical appearance to reflect this.

Station Names and Platform Numbers; just like with the vanilla platforms, the station name and platform numbers will be displayed dynamically.

Higher, Wider; the vanilla platforms that came with the game were rather low and far from the track; these platforms are much higher and get close to the tracks

Station Buildings Still Work (kinda); because these platforms are higher than the vanilla ones, I had to create a system that spawns in a set of stairs to bridge the height between the buildings and the platforms. Note that I didn’t yet get terminus stations to work; while you can attach buildings there, they will look weird and will not work. Just to make sure everyone sees it; Terminus stations are not yet supported

Dynamic Overpasses; as if adaptive platforms weren’t enough, I’ve created an overpass system that automatically creates bridges between placeable stair modules. You can build overpasses across multiple tracks, across other platforms – even across demolished platforms (I like building a road in the empty space).

Addon modules; apart from the overpasses, there are a few other addon modules you can place – an underpass (which works with the underpasses from the vanilla platforms) and a set of ticket machines.

Words of Warning

This mod doesn’t support Terminus stations (yet)

– This mod overrides a few default files which means that it will probably conflict with other station mods.

– This mod is relatively experimental; use at your own risk.

Credits: oppiescc

Download Transport Fever 2 – NL Modular Station - Download Link #1


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