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Transport Fever 2 – New Streetcar System

New Streetcar System mod for Transport Fever 2.

New Tram Station &New Bridge & New Two/Oneway, new tram pole and new tram track textures.

=What’s in?
-3 new tram tracks can be found in STREET.
–tram track speed limit 60 kph;
–tram track with fences, speed limit 40 kph;
–tram track, one-way, speed limit 60 kph.
-2 new tram stations can be found in STREET STATION.
-1 new pillar-less bridge for both roads and rails.
-1 new streetcar, colorable, 40kph.

=Known issues?
-Tram stations, as BUS STATION, are not able to show station name though it can do such a thing in ModelEditor.
-Tram stations, as BUS STATION, can not level the terrain automatically so you need to do this yourself by terrain tool.
-Just as you might always do, the tram tracks should be set as BUS ONLY for they’re still STREET type.
-Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames. This can make it safer though I’ve already tested them and nothing ever happened.

If you like it, you should like it and collect it for three consecutive times~

[Version 1.12] 24/8/2020 update:
-Fixed the problem of missing bridge icons. Thanks to user @vitalii201 for reminding and helping.

[Version 1.11] 22/8/2020 update:
-Fixed the problem of missing menu icons. Thanks to user @vitalii201 for reminding and helping.

Credits: QQxiaoshui-2

Download Link #1

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