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Transport Fever 2 – New Century International Airport

New Century International Airport mod for Transport Fever 2.

Providing brand new airport modules.

What’s in?

  • Air Traffic Control Tower —–also providing 50 jobs.
  • Terminal Building —–Terminal building with boarding bridge.
  • Terminal Building Entrance” —–This terminal building with boarding bridge can show your airport name. Also it provides connections to the outside.
  • Terminal Building Useless” —–Terminal building with useless boarding bridge. You can use this module at the edges of your airport where useful terminal cannot be plopped. Use this creatively and make your airport more beautiful!

Known issues?

  • After the latest game updating all misc categories added by mod disappear so now the only way to find these assets(like the ATC Tower this time) is to inputting their name in game to search them. Every word in “Air Traffic Control Tower ” can be used to search for it.
  • Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames. This can make it safer though I’ve already tested them and nothing ever happened.

21/5/2020 Update:

  • Optimize two-level lod;
  • Optimize three-level lod;
  • Optimize the tower map and external details;
  • Fixed the problem of wearing molds in the inner court table

Credits: QQxiaoshui-2

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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