Train DepotTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – Modernes Depot

Modernes Depot for Transport Fever 2.

A modern depot with 2 tracks.

The depot is available in 2 versions:

Modern depot – one-sided and
Modern depot ++ – two-sided. Be careful when creating the lines, as the trains can also drive through the depot.

Trains leave the depot at a maximum of 15 km / h. That is fix. The 15 km / h tracks only serve to prevent the trains from rushing through at 120 km / h. Tracks and depot speed are 2 different things, because the spawning of the trains is separate from the tracks. It’s fake use of the tracks, otherwise this would not be possible.


( 30.01.2020 ) – Depot Symbole Angepasst. Einzel Depot zeigt nur noch 2 Symbole statt 4
– Depot Tracks aus Gleismenü entfernt. ( Man kann Sie nicht mehr zum Bauen Auswählen!) Ausser im Depot!
– .mtls an TPF2 angepasst.

(01/30/2020) – Depot symbols adjusted. Single depot only shows 2 symbols instead of 4
– Removed depot tracks from the track menu. (You can no longer choose them to build!) Except in the depot!
– .mtls adapted to TPF2.

( 01.02.2020 ) – Hotfix

Credits: Hessie James

Download Transport Fever 2 – Modernes Depot - Download Link #1


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