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Transport Fever 2 – Metropolitan Area (Jiaozhou Bay) Qingdao,China Map

Qingdao,China Map for Transport Fever 2.

Map making background: The author is a graduate student majoring in geography. He is often exposed to GIS data, population, and other urban socio-economic statistics. He has participated in some urban and regional planning projects. The author is also a traffic enthusiast. I want to make full use of the professional GIS data and software at hand to make a set of maps that are more in line with the real scene for everyone. I hope everyone can have fun!

Initial plans are to produce a series of metropolitan areas (mainly China’s first and second-tier cities) and a series of urban agglomerations.

Map introduction:

Metropolitan area map of Qingdao, Shandong, Jiaozhou Bay metropolitan area.

Including 31 industries and 16 cities, the road network has been automatically generated and can be played directly.

The scale of the city is strictly based on the data from the sixth census. Megacities (such as Qingdao) are composed of multiple cities in the game.

Terrain height is generated based on meter-level GIS data, and strictly scaled in an effort to restore the real scene.

Includes the following cities:

Cities in this map include:
Flatness (Pingdu)

The landscape elements visible on the map include, but are not limited to:
Jiaozhou Bay, Shaohai, Dagu River, Jihongtan Reservoir, Laoshan Reservoir, Laoshan, Fushan, Zhushan, Dazhushan, etc.

Credits: haoyuhugeo

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