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Transport Fever 2 – Marcs Street And Trampack

Marcs Street And Trampack mod for Transport Fever 2.

This mod adds multiple new streets.
The mod contains various street types, including green tracks for trams.
They are located in the street menu in the category ‘Tram’ and are sorted by the following two categories:

– Roads without red bus/priority lane. As in the normal game no cars are allowed to drive on priority lanes (bus lanes) and all player vehicles are given priority at traffic lights. The modded streets do not have a red marking.
– Roads on which the construction of houses for the AI is forbidden and which also have no red road markings. In addition, the AI is prevented from building here. Please rebuild the road, upgrading doesn’t always work.
Please then activate the lock in the road traffic overlay so that the AI does not convert the road to another type where these settings .

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