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Transport Fever 2 – Loetschberg Vanilla Map

Loetschberg Vanilla Map mod for Transport Fever 2.

I present you my Map Loetschberg. It is based on a real Locations in Switzerland in the Region with Europes 2nd most important Railroad connection in the Alps.

I have spend alot of time creating a detailed map that also challanges You to think smart about how to build your Transport Empire. The Alps are in your Way of connecting all your Recources you need to produce the Goods the Cities want. If you want to connect North and South you must overcome 2 Mountain Ranges and for that you need tunnels but they might become expensive.
Map Type: temperate
Map Size: Medium 1:2
Terrain Challange: High
Map Includes
7 Cities
12 Towns
23 Industrie Buildings

1. The Way South
The main Focus of your Operation is to Build a Railroad throgh the Alps to get Passangers and Cargo from North to South.
(Have a Passanger Trainline that Connects Thun-Spiez-Brig-Domodossola by the Year 1920)

2.Shipping the Lake
The 2 Lakes the Thun-Lake and the Brienz-Lake can be used for transporting tourists around … after all the view is quite grand.
(Have Ships connect the Cities of Thun, Spiez, Oberhofen, Interlaken, Brienz by the Year 1930)

3. Eiger North-Face
One of the few remaining challanges in mountaniering is the Eiger North Face. Tourists from all over the world admire and want to traval to see the Glorious Sight of the mountains. Build a Trainline that connects Grindelwald and Interlaken…but be wary.. the Climb is Steep
(Have a trainline conect the Cities of Grindelwald and Interlaken by the Year 1935)

4. no more Coal
Switzerland does not have alot of coal so it was dependent on imports from its Neighbours. but when WW1 started Coal became a valuable commodity. Make sure you are prepared for the future and don’t have to depend on foreign recources should a other War ever occur again.
(Have only Electric Trains by the End of Year 1938)

5. Regional Affairs
With so much focus on Tourism and the direct Way to South smaller Towns and Villages have been neglected and are in Need of Public Transport.
(Have a Passanger Trainline connecting the Cities of Gstaad, Zweisimmen, Spiez by the Year 1950)

6. Flying Over
Why not just fly over the mountains…with a plane?
(Build a small Airport in Thun & Visp and have Passanger Planes fly between the Airports by the Year 1960)

7. Lötschberg Basistunnel
Switzerland is reaching its Capacity for transporting Goods between North and South. A new Tunnel should be built to make the Trip faster.
(Build a new Double Track Tunnel, that is at least 2x as long as the first. It needs to be able to operate High Speed (230km/h) Trains from Spiez to Brig by the Year 2007)


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