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Transport Fever 2 – LNER / BR Peppercorn A1 4-6-2

LNER / BR ‘Peppercorn A1’ 4-6-2 for Transport Fever 2.

— This is a port of my TpF1 mod, however with new liveries and a new metal_gloss_ao texture to match other TpF2 locos —

In 1948, A. H. Peppercorn decided to update the LNER’s range of Pacifics, as at this stage the Gresley A13s were reaching upwards of 25 years old. These new Pacifics, while keeping LNER traditions and characteristics, were sleek and modern machines, with all the latest tech of the time.

Outwardly, there were a few big changes, most notably on the smokebox, where a lager smokebox had been added to incorporate the double chimney into the design.

Also, to each side of the smokebox were added smoke-deflectors, in an effort to stop drifting smoke at high speed. These gave the Peppercorn pacifics a very characteristic and unique look.

There is a model in BR Express Blue, which were applied to many of the ex-LNER pacifics during the 1950s and early 1960s. The model is also fully re-colourable so you can choose whatever shade of anything you want really.

Also included is LNER Apple Green with LNER lettering and green nameplate, and Apple Green with British Rail lettering and Blue nameplate (Tornado).

Avaliable: 1948 – 1966 // 2008 – INFINITY
Speed: 100mph
Power: 2600hp
T/E: 37,000lb/f
Weight: 166t

Yes this pack includes Tornado.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Transport Fever 2 – LNER / BR Peppercorn A1 4-6-2 - Download Link #1


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