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Transport Fever 2 – JNR 485 Series Kaminuttari Livery

JNR 485 Series Kaminuttari Livery for Transport Fever 2.

A reskin of the JNR 485 Series into Kaminuttari livery, which has been used for different services such as Hakuchō , Raichō and Hokuetsu.

The original mod of 485 Series is required.

It’s available in 6-car, 7-car and 9-car consists in the game.

To avoid potential copyright issues, the destination sign and the head mark will be in 団体 (group train) rather than any real-life service. Sorry for the inconvenience.

P.S. This is my first mod and I am not familiar enough with both the reskin and uploading process, please don’t hesitate to tell me if you notice any problem, I will try my best to improve. Thank you for your understanding!

Required Mod:

Credits: Honors Calculus IV

Download Transport Fever 2 – JNR 485 Series Kaminuttari Livery - Download Link #1


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