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Transport Fever 2 – JNR 485 Reskin Pack

JNR 485 Reskin Pack for Transport Fever 2.

A reskin pack of the JNR 485 Series into four different liveries, Hakutaka livery, Shirasagi livery, Yuttari Yakumo livery and Kuroshio livery. Yuttari Yakumo livery and Kuroshio livery are actually used on 381 series rather than 485 series. However, considering the similar appearance of these two types of train, I added them into this pack.

The original mod of 485 Series is required.

I can not cover all the existed consists, so I included some representative ones.
Hakutaka livery: 8-car consist
Shirasagi livery: 7-car and 3+7-car consists
Yuttari Yakumo livery: 4-car, 4+3-car and 6-car consists.
Kuroshio livery: 9-car consist

To avoid potential copyright issues, the destination sign and the head mark will be in 臨時 (extra service) rather than any real-life service. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Please notify me if you know any image source of the destination sign and the head mark for public use, I can then add them to the reskin. Thank you!) Also due to lack of proper reference images, some colors I used may be different from the real train.

Thanks to the original author for the model and the reskin tool.

Required Mod:

Credits: Honors Calculus IV

Download Transport Fever 2 – JNR 485 Reskin Pack - Download Link #1


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