SignalTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – Japanese Train Signals

Japanese Train Signals mod for Transport Fever 2.

Add Japanese railway signals.
Additional traffic light is a color light type 3 light traffic light
There are two types of left and right installation types, long arm and short arm, totaling 4 types.

Updated to add Y current version. There are 6 types in total.
Since all traffic lights in this game are of the 2nd place, only R and Y are lit in the Y version.
Try to express it like a rail to add a speed limit.

This traffic light appeared in 1925.

Secondary distribution is prohibited.

It is a mod that adds a Japanese-style railroad signal.

Additional traffic signal: ‘SHIKITOSHIKI 3GENJI SHINGOKI’
Two patterns of arm length for right side installation and left side installation
4 types in total

This signal appears from 1925

Credits: masubo

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