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Transport Fever 2 – ISUZU ERGA

ISUZU ERGA for Transport Fever 2.

The sound and some 3D data are from VOLVO 5000 and ecitaro in TpF2.
It may be strange because it is the first vehicle modeling …

The first generation of ERGA, which was completely replaced from Cubic in 2000,
This is the second generation ERGA that was fully remodeled on August 18, 2015.

(LV280) Capacity = 17
(LV290) Capacity = 17

(LV280) Year set: 1999 – to infinity
(LV290) Year set: 2015 – to infinity

Redistribution of this MOD data is prohibited.
Redistribution of this MOD is prohibited.
this mod is japanese only.


Download Transport Fever 2 – ISUZU ERGA - Download Link #1


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