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Transport Fever 2 – Industry Workers

Industry Workers for Transport Fever 2.

This mod adds workplaces in industry.

The number of jobs depends on the level of the industry and its production ability. For example, a Farm (with a single level and grain generation of 200) has 50 seats. And the food factory will have from 50 places on the first level to 200 places on the fourth.

In order for people to start working in your industry, you need to transport them to your place of work. In order to make sure that you did everything right – open the city menu, in the “Destinations” tab, your industry object and the number of employees employed there should appear.

This mod does not affect the files and assets of the standard game, so theoretically it should be compatible with most other mods in the industry.

Credits: SpaceCossaX

Download Transport Fever 2 – Industry Workers - Download Link #1


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One Comment

  1. I have recently installed the Industry Workers mod, but it never showed up in the destinations tab for the towns, and also never transported any workers.
    I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

    Does the mod have to be in a particular order, or is it incompatible for other mods such as Industry Expanded or Dynamic town needs?

    I hope you can help because I really wanted to use this mod.

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